Alexandra House

New Build

From the street the dwelling conveys a rural shed aesthetic – albeit quite modern – with the roof cladding wrapping down to form the walls also. With few windows to this side privacy is maintained. The two wings of this house open up completely on the north side to the view of the foreground trees and high country beyond. To enable a dwelling with a single level though out and to minimise disruption to the contours of the site the front wing is slightly elevated on stumps and the rear wing built into the slope. Splitting the two wings of the building was designed to facilitate a discrete entry and opportunities for a protected ‘Picture Garden’. The eave to the north overhangs exactly the right distance to allow winter sun in but keep the summer sun out resulting in a house that stays warm throughout winter. Natural materials like wood and stone serve as a counterpoint to the metal clad roof and walls.

Architecture & Interior Design Dion Keech Architects

Landscape Design Cally Sinclair Garden Design

Builder Hedger Constructions

Photography Hilary Walker

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