Many people may think of an architect as a professional who plans and designs buildings. That is certainly an important part of the job, but when you engage Dion Keech Architects, you can expect a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings.

We have the expertise and experience to guide your project from the earliest design concept all the way through to construction, assisting with everything in between – from town planning applications through to the design of the cabinetry for the kitchen sink.

We will help you maximise the potential of your site, creatively utilise space and light and produce design solutions that will reduce running costs and maximise the energy efficiency of a building.

We’ve got good ideas but good ideas are nothing without good execution so we focus on making the process of design and construction easy to understand and enjoyable. Producing detailed documents helps us to make the most effective use of your budget and provide you with peace of mind during construction.

We listen. We listen to your aspirations, your patterns of life and work and your brief. We believe that every project we work on remains yours – not ours – from start to finish.

We adhere closely to some essential design principles:

  • Simplicity – a building can be beautiful while remaining uncomplicated and practical
  • Sustainability – passive solar design to reduce energy consumption and maintain comfort. Durable, natural and sustainable materials that have stood the test of time
  • Quality – creating lasting value by designing beautiful, innovative, and efficient spaces that will work tomorrow and decades into the future.
  • Responsiveness – a design must respond to and fit within its natural context