Monbulk House

New Build

The site of the Monbulk house looks out over a picturesque pastoral valley and capturing these views into each living space and bedroom formed the brief for the project. The resulting plan stretches across the lot, stepping down to embrace the contours of the land. The two wings are slightly cranked around a central courtyard which forms the central focus of the dwelling. As you approach up the driveway the dwelling slowly reveals itself from through a dense copse of beech trees. The dwelling itself then hides the view of the valley beyond and it is only when you enter the front door that the view dramatically reveals itself through the central courtyard. The roofline is inspired by a ‘palm springs’ aesthetic with sweeping eaves at each end which draw the eye line to the expansive views. The interiors also evoke the ‘mid century’ aesthetic with raking, timber-lined ceilings and carefully curated fittings and finishes. 

Architecture & Interior Design Dion Keech Architects

Unbuilt currently in construction

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