Northcote House

Alterations & Additions

Despite being quite small the family occupying the Northcote house only used part of the space owing to inefficiencies in the layout and out-dated design. The brief for this project therefore was to reconfigure the internal spaces within the existing footprint of the dwelling to better utilise and un-lock unused space. The client also wanted to create a better connection to the backyard and exploit the northern orientation of the rear living spaces. We achieved this by removing walls and enlarging openings to create improved connections to the back yard and bring a new brightness to what was previously a dark interior. A window seat at the northern end of the new living space replaced a disused toilet and provided a space within a space. A new kitchen was designed as the hub of the home. A breeze-block wall with a distinct mid-century aesthetic was added in front of the shed in the backyard to elevate if from an ugly block to a fitting new backdrop to the landscaped yard. 

Architecture & Interior Design Dion Keech Architects

Builder NadiaBuilt

Photography Hilary Walker

Styling Beckie Littler Styling

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